December 2015

  1. December 2015
    Caleb Horner
    How to keep hi-vis clothing clean and compliant
    The darker winter months are when high-visibility (hi-vis) is most needed throughout the year. It's no wonder that towards the end of the year, employees find themselves grabbing their well-used hi-vis, as the longer and darker days appear - are you doing your bit by ensuring that their hi-vis is suitably clean and providing the necessary protection? According to the...
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  2. December 2015
    Caleb Horner
    The importance of diligence when sourcing PPE
    Cost cutting when sourcing personal protective equipment (PPE) can lead to poorly sourced items, from providers that might not be fully aware of the latest regulatory standards. This message was loud and clear last month as we were all shocked by recent due diligence failures from a popular British retailer. The business made headlines for their range of 'hi-vis' products...
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  3. December 2015
    Cedric Fairweather
    EN388:2003 to receive additional ISO13997:1999 rating
    In 2016, the EN388:2003 standard is due to introduce the additional ISO13997:1999 rating. This comes as injury statistics from a recent Labour Force report highlight the need for greater protection against mechanical hazards and suggest better tests are needed to determine protection. The new rating is a comprehensive test to improve the protective rating applied to hand protection. The EN388:2003...
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