We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new website and MyAnchor Equip online PPE ordering platform. With the addition of secure online ordering PPE with our new shopping cart functionality, it’s now easier than ever to find, compare, and buy the best PPE for the job.

Plus, you’ll save money, with volume discounts across all products in the catalogue.

Here’s just some of the extensive new functionality we’ve launched now, in Phase One. (Yes, Phase one.) 9 ways MyAnchor Equip will simplify finding and ordering the right PPE.

1. Searching for fit for purpose PPE is easier

With thousands of PPE and workwear products to choose from, we wanted to make finding the most relevant ones for you a simpler experience. Across all of our products, you can browse by category. You can also search the entire catalogue with a keyword, product name, brand or product code. From there, you can filter the results by key product features and task requirements.

For gloves, our new Glove Finder Tool allows you to filter gloves by a huge range of criteria including:

  • Hazard protection
  • Performance requirements like high dexterity and grip
  • Coatings
  • Tasks and job rolesAnchor Safety Glove Finder Tool


As a result, you’ll get an instant list of fit-for-purpose products. To use the tool, Create an Account and get started. It’s that simple. You can then delve into these listings for comprehensive details and standards information, add items to your Favourites, share with colleagues via email, or order online.

2. New ways to compare your PPE options

As you refine your selection, you can add multiple products to your Compare List – a place where you can see several items head-to-head. It’s a convenient way to see compliance standards, photos, and a range of PPE details at-a-glance. On selected products, you can even order PPE samples from within the same interface. Just provide a few details about your business and your address and we’ll dispatch a product sample so you can feel the quality, durability and comfort first-hand.

3. Share favourite produces with your colleagues

Once you find the products you are interested in, you can also share the information with other stakeholders and the touch of a simple button.

4.Instant Quotes for all your PPE

Pricing on the website shows a cost for a single unit as well as a discounted cost for a larger volume. Try it. You’ll see what we mean. Please note that the public website shows our list price. Our account managers work closely with customers to plan your PPE requirements for the year and base your pricing on those total order volumes.  This means you can look up pricing for any product with your full discounts applied. You'll always know what price you'll get, for any quantity, without having to wait for a quotation.

With our online PPE catalogue, shopping basket and checkout functionality, buying PPE is simple. You can add products to your shopping basket with a single click. Choose multiple sizes on one screen, and always be aware of volume discounts, enable you to save more.  Then, proceed to a secure checkout when you’re ready to complete your order.

5. Secure Online PPE Ordering

For your peace of mind, whenever you’re placing an online PPE order, you’ll see the GeoTrust Secured logo in the footer of our website, as well as a padlock symbol and green text in your browser’s address field. As a result, you can place your order with confidence and depend on our robust security to keep your data safe.

secure-online ordering for PPE

6. Quick Order PPE

We’ve also added new Quick Order functionality, the ideal way to fill your cart if you already know what you’re looking for. When you hit the Quick Order button, you’ll see a streamlined pop-up where you can enter multiple product names or codes and the quantity you require – all from the same screen. You'll even see the product image

Our online ordering offers different payment methods, including payment by purchase order. If you have a trade account, you don't have to use a credit card to pay, you can place your order and pay by PO as part of the process. If you don’t have a trade account and would like to apply for one, click here.

7. New ways to manage your PPE procurement 

The Anchor Experience doesn’t stop once your order has been placed. In fact, your MyAnchor Equip account opens up new ways to make life easier as part of your ongoing relationship with Anchor Safety. In your account section, you can:

  • Dashboard view of order history
  • Access a full order history
  • Track order progress
  • Quickly re-order products with just ONE click
  • See your product sample requests
  • Product reviews, so you can remember which ones you really liked
  • Add your best products to your recommended list and share your list with other stakeholders
  • Keep your account and business details up-to-date, including delivery addresses

A MyAnchor Equip account gives you even more control over your PPE ordering and management.

8. Full visibility of PPE order history across your organisation

A MyAnchor Equip account gives you even more control over your procurement and your PPE orders through your entire time as a customer. We can set up ordering and reporting permissions, enabling your Head buyer to have a view over every order. We can also limit buyers to viewing their own orders. Talk to us to find out how this can work for you.

9. Access to a PPE resource library for making informed choices when ordering PPE

You can view our growing collection of PPE resources in the Resource Library, including PPE legislation information to help you make informed buying decisions, and remain compliant with evolving PPE standards.

See how easy MyAnchor Equip makes ordering PPE

Across search, comparisons, ordering and account management, the new MyAnchor Equip system is designed to make life easier every time you need to find and order PPE. We’re also excited to announce even more new features to be added soon in Phase Two. These include a PPE task matrix as well as management controls for procurement teams including budget management, purchase order approval processes, full reporting across all your sites, PPE trial management, and much more.

Experience the difference MyAnchor Equip can make to your PPE ordering and management. Start experiencing the many benefits Create an account today.