Traditional summer weather patterns have been changing over the last few years, creating new
challenges for health and safety managers. Boiling hot weather can dramatically change into polar
winds, storms and heavy rain. Our sunny Easter weekend followed by current forecasts for less
favourable conditions clearly reflects how temperamental our great British Summer can be.

During last year’s summer heatwave, we had numerous conversations with our customers regarding
how PPE could be best used to keep their employees safe, yet also, cool and comfortable during the
summer months.

This year we have decided to open the dialogue early, especially after the enjoyable and hot Easter
weekend. Now’s the perfect time to discuss the benefits and methods of wearing suitable PPE for
the weather. Our aim is to ensure employee productivity and comfort whilst maintaining the correct
corporate image.

Layering For Comfort

More and more of our customers are mitigating the changeable summer weather with ‘layering’. This is the process of wearing light-weight, quick drying and breathable layers which can be matched to changing weather conditions with individual layers being shed as required. Layering includes interchangeable Polo-shirts, trousers, jumpers, soft shells, body warmers and waterproof anoraks.

Often the summer heat can cause a widespread network of workers to prioritise with coping with
the heat rather than being equipped with a solution that keeps them cool and protects the corporate identity.

Design A Smart Workwear Solution

Workwear is a great way to convey a strong corporate identity, reflecting your company values and culture. Workers in smart looking workwear are a clear indication of how much you value your people and the work they do.

You can create positive brand synergies when workwear, company vehicles, advertising and other marketing materials clearly indicate your company profile. While your workforce are out and about, they can wear your logo, increasing brand awareness all the time. With careful planning it is possible to keep your workforce cool, safe and protect your corporate identity. Careful planning can also ensure all workwear is branded which can ensure your corporate identity is always visible regardless what layers are being worn.

Partnership For Success

Anchor Safety work with partners such as F. Engel who are manufacturers of quality technical and corporate wear. We have worked on several projects where Engel garments protect, dress and last beyond expectation.

Engel offers high quality, breathable and lightweight garments that specifically support layering and comfort in changing weather, from rain to shine. Their garments are worn by our customers in marine, civil engineering and heavy industrial sectors, complementing corporate branding whilst keeping the wearer safe.

If you would like a wider discussion around PPE, worker safety and comfort or require information on ways to maximise employee comfort during the summer,  please get in contact. Request a call back.