The changing clocks symbolise the arrival of autumn and the knowledge that winter is right around the corner. The temperature drops, the rain comes and the sun goes. Every year we enter the same mode - we want our team to stay dry, warm and safe.

For health and safety professionals with the responsibility of keeping their workforces protected against the dangers of darker working days, the autumn/winter elements are most definitely not on their side. Health and safety statistics confirm that during this time of year, more slips, trips and falls are reported.

Equip your team for these conditions. Identifying the needs of your workforce is a skill, and with it comes the responsibility of choosing the best equipment, PPE and workwear to ensure your team is suitably protected.

Hi Vis

Take a layered approach to hi-vis for worker comfort

Now the clocks have changed, visibility will be reduced and the combination of wet, dark and cold is in full effect. Adhere to the varying requirements when your workforce needs to be seen and take a multi-layer approach to protection. Provide options for different levels of work and comfort to ensure that no matter the job, employees can always be seen.

Your workforce may be prone to shedding the layers, so providing them with hi-visibility PPE options such as waterproof hi-vis, heavy-duty hi-vis or even thermal hi-vis jackets or a lightweight jacket will help keep them comfortable, compliant and focused.

Foot Protection

Choose the right foot protection to avoid slips

Darkness may be a contributing factor to the risk of trips, slips and falls. Statistics highlight that these accidents greatly increase over the autumn/winter months. Selecting the right PPE and foot protection can protect your team against the seasonal risks and hazards, such as, low visibility, wet surfaces, ice and fallen leaves. Footwear designed with anti-slip soles, waterproof upper sectors and insulation will keep your team members' feet firmly on the ground, even if they can't see the surface they're walking on.

Rain Protection

Select the right waterproof protection for the job

Being exposed to the elements isn’t ideal for your body, especially when wet. Your body can lose heat 25 times faster when in contact with a wet surface. It is important to keep your team dry and warm. To achieve this, choose the right PPE and rain protection for the job. Layering is key for employees to comply in comfort when working - layers allow your workers to control their body temperature.

Assess the job at hand and select the suitable level of water protection against water and wind. However, don't let your workers cover up their hi-visibility garments with waterproof protection - ensure they are prepared with waterproof hi-vis for maximum comfort. With multiple options available, your workforce have no excuses not to comply, even in the dark.

Thermal Protection

Layer up with thermal protection

The cold weather, water and wind can absorb body heat quicker than it is generated. Protect your employees against cold stress, or even hypothermia and keep their body heat stored up. The right PPE and thermal protection helps them maintain their energy levels.

The quickest way to lose heat is through your head. Simply provide a thermal insulated hat to help lock in body heat. Next, building up insulation with layers enables varying levels of control - this is crucial if a more demanding job produces more body heat. And the ability to shed layers according to the job is key to comfort.

Hand Protection

Keep your hand protection where your team can see them

Your workers' hands are their primary tools. Keep PPE and hand protection options readily available - ensure that your team is provided with the perfect set of gloves for every job. Obviously, each individual job can demand different protection needs - but one of those features should definitely be thermal protection in the colder months.

Some workers may already be prepared with gloves, but are they the right gloves for cold, wet weather? It may be worth considering an upgrade to more modern glove technology. Hand protection with greater grip and dexterity allows maximum productivity in colder, wetter months to keep workers comfortable and prepared for the job.

It’s wise to prepare for a variety of scenarios and provide options such as varying layers or levels of protection. After all, one size does not fit all. But compliance doesn't mean your workers have to be uncomfortable - there's a range of options that will suit both individuals and individual jobs.

Don't let the change in weather catch your workforce off-guard. Whether you need hi-visibility, waterproof or thermal and wind protection, protect your team against the elements. Get in touch with us now and stock up with the best products available.

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