Back pain is a common reason for absence from work and the second highest reason for seeking medical treatment. It can be uncomfortable and debilitating.

You can be a victim of backpain in any kind of work, from being a construction site worker to being office based, standing on your feet during an exhibition, working in transport (driving a lorry or a car, riding a bicycle or a motorbike), sitting at a desk working a computer or lifting heavy product in a warehouse.

80% of the population affected and
costs billions of Euros each year to private companies

This said, you should understand why you experience backpain and learn how you can fix it, or at least avoid the worst. We all only have one back, let’s take care of it!

Your spine is the main structure to which many ligaments and muscles are connected. These enable you to move, but also to straighten up and maintain your body’s natural balance.

On average we sit for over 9 hours a day and it can be hard to avoid slouching.
But did you know that bad posture can lead to back pain?

What is necessary to keep a strong back and prevent chronic back pain?

You must remain flexible to avoid hurting your joints and discs. This flexibility is possible only if you keep stretching and moving your spine. This is why remaining in a static position for a long period can trigger muscle and back pain. To relieve backpain you have to keep a correct posture and move regularly.


How do I know that I am adopting the correct posture?

Many of your colleagues and family would visit a physiotherapist or an osteopath, which will help, but you can’t do that every day. Some may also try devices such as lumbar belts, which can help for short periods, but it’s not a long-term solution.

80% due to bad postural habits – 20% due to inflammatory issues

The good news is that there are companies developing new technological solutions to train people’s back instead. The patented system of tensors, developed by Percko, offer a convenient and efficient solution, Lyne Up and Lyne Pro, and these products guarantee a good posture all day long.

Developed as a real ‘intelligent second skin’ with light fibres, this technology can be worn very discreetly under your clothes, and fits your daily activities, even sport.

Its strength comes from an ingenious system of tensors, embedded in the textile along the spine, and also located on the shoulders and the thorax.

Tensors act in three different ways:

  • Smartly, because they activate only when the person adopts a bad posture.
  • They help you straighten up, thus helping thoracic opening as well.
  • Work against slouching, since they trigger a soft pressure on your lumbar muscles.

The undershirt acts like a reminder. It encourages you to correct your posture by yourself. Long-term, it makes you relearn how to stand straight and preserve your back. It triggers a supervision of your posture throughout the entire day, enables a conscious compensatory repositioning and it maintains your centre of gravity. This way it redistributes weight appropriately and will reduce constraints on discs as well as muscle fatigue.

Percko have worked with more than 100 firms to perform tests in order to bring Lyne Up and Lyne Pro to market and they now supply the SNCF (French Railway Operator) and the insurance company Allianz.

So, if you thought there’d never be an efficient, comfortable and practical solution to back pain, the future’s not so cloudy after all.

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