There are a number of all too familiar comments that we all hear from workers using respiratory protection. “I can’t breathe properly’, ‘the mask keeps steaming up’, ‘my mask doesn’t fit over my nose properly’.  These remarks belong to some of the common safety challenges we are asked to address.


Disposable masks with higher filtration levels, FFP3, contain more layers and consequently the wearer experiences a higher breathing resistance.  Breathing naturally becomes more laboured as the level of protection provided by the mask increases - until now.


The new BLS Zer0 Series is designed to offer both: maximum protection and maximum comfort.  At last, a mask that delivers P3 Protection with the breathing resistance of a P1, solving all the common complaints we hear!


Unsurpassed comfort

The new mask solving the problem of laboured breathing. Breathing is made easier with its ultralight membrane, in combination with a new type of valve, that allows exhaled air to pass into two zones with a aperture 30% wider than the previous model, allowing breathing resistance to be reduced in line with a P1 mask.


It Breathes!

The mask breathes, while allowing the wearer to breathe too. It’s water repellant safety layer performs well in hot areas with a high humidity level, making it more comfortable to wear in hot conditions.


Harnessing Nanofiltration innovation

BLS has developed a nanofiltration system that uses a combination of electrostatic and mechanical filter material to filter the smallest of particles, guaranteeing a new standard of filtration against nanoparticles.

The size of a particle is a main determinant of where in the respiratory tract the particle will come to rest when inhaled. Larger particles are generally filtered in the nose and throat, but particulate matter, smaller than about 10 micrometers, can settle in the bronchi and lungs and cause health problems.

The smallest particles, less than 100 nanometers, also known as nanoparticles, may be even more damaging to the cardiovascular system as they can pass through cell membranes and migrate into other organs, including the brain.


Excellent fit

It’s anatomic design means that its pre-formed and elastic support makes it an easier and reliable fit to all kinds of faces, while offering an excellent field of vision for those who wear glasses. With a  cup-shaped design it gives superior performance and protection levels compared with horizontal, foldable masks.

Optimal fit is maximised with the choice of two different sizes. The Zero 30 has a small seal around the nose bridge that is smooth and comfortable to touch while also absorbing sweat and leaving the skin cool and dry. The Zero 31 has a full face seal and is suitable for wearers with smaller faces, including women.


Smart Procurement

The mask has been certified as a reusable dust mask. It offers greater durability than other disposable masks making it more cost effective than other products available. One customer has seen a 42% saving already.

As the disposable mask can also be worn for longer periods, its increased durability helps to lower total cost of ownership.

When choosing respiratory masks for your employees, your decisions will be based upon -  adequate filtration levels for the hazards in the working environment, a comfortable fit for the required wear time and the budget available. We can help you work through these decisions, and ensure that you choose the right respiratory protection for your workers.


Expert advice on respiratory protection

Get in touch to discuss your respiratory hazards at work, we’ll be happy to recommend the most appropriate protection for your company’s needs. Speak to the experts at Anchor Safety - we can help. Call us on 0800 328 5028 or Request a Call back.