At its root, the need for PPE isn’t just about finding the right product to protect against a given hazard. In fact, PPE is part of a much wider organisational context and the more difficult challenge of building a climate of safety that’s always improving.

PPE impacts promoting safety in the workplace, complementing your other health and safety activity, and keeping people protected in a myriad of different ways. For civil engineering and utilities company Blu-3, that means more than ordering products and dispatching them to site. Anchor Safety is the company’s trusted partner for PPE advice, new initiatives, and raising the profile of safety within the organisation.

Proactively supporting Blu-3’s health and safety initiatives

Blu-3 works across numerous construction sites and requires an extensive range of fit-for-purpose PPE. As you would expect, the company is committed to a continuous cycle of improvement where new initiatives are explored regularly.

However, keeping up with the latest PPE trends, making a strong business case for change, and bringing new products into the organisation is a time-consuming process.

In our latest case study, you’ll find out how Anchor Safety works closely with Blu-3 to offer support and guidance on potential new initiatives and then deliver those initiatives successfully.

Find out more in the Blu-3 case study

When Blu-3 wanted to take health and safety to a new level, Anchor Safety took a hands-on, committed partnersip approach. Read our new Blu-3 case study now to find out:

  • How customised, branded PPE helped raise the profile of the company’s own SAFE initiative
  • Why our bespoke hand protection programme is the most effective way to find, trial, and start using the right protective gloves
  • How our practical support helps Blu-3’s HSEQ Director find new initiatives and build a compelling business case

It’s an essential read to really understand the difference that a proactive partner can make. Download the Blu-3 case study now.