Many companies today recognise the benefits of branding PPE and workwear. But the process isn't as simple as it may seem. There's little point in stitching a logo onto your workwear if it's unrecognisable or hidden altogether. That's why it's important to carefully plan your branding, and, if necessary, get advice. Because, if done well, branding can really boost your company's image. Done badly, it could be a rather costly mistake.

Today, high-specification embroidery and printing machines open up many new possibilities for branding PPE and workwear. But, like any piece of equipment, even the best machine will have its limitations. So, if you’re planning to brand your PPE, you need to consider a number of factors. Here are some dos and don'ts of branding your PPE and corporate wear:

Do know the right size logo to use when branding PPE.

You might have a size in mind for your logo. But don’t forget, clothing comes in different sizes. This can mean a logo which suits a large-size jacket could look huge and clumsy on a small-size jacket. It needs to work in proportion to the item of clothing so that it doesn’t look too big or overlap other elements of the garment, such as the reflective band on a hi-vis jacket. It’s always best to take your supplier’s advice on the size of your logo.

Don't mess with seams.

Avoid trying to position your branding over a seam. Printing or stitching over a seam almost always looks untidy.

Don't brand your pockets.

A breast pocket might seem the ideal position for an embroidered logo but unfortunately, that’s not the case. To embroider a garment, you need to be able to position a frame on both sides of the fabric. Because the frame won’t fit inside a pocket, it would need to be placed on the inside of the garment, which would mean stitching the pocket all the way through.

Do consider your sleeves.

It is possible to place your branding on sleeves. In fact, the top of the sleeve is a good place to embroider, because sleeves usually don’t have seams. Also, if your workers wear hi-vis waistcoats over the top, for instance, the logo is still visible on the sleeve. It’s not usually possible, however, to place the logo down the entire length of the sleeve because the bottom of the sleeve is too narrow.

Do brand your helmet.

It is possible to brand helmets. This can be done with helmet stickers or the manufacturer can print directly onto the surface of the helmet.

Do scrutinise your fabrics.

Some fabrics or materials will provide a higher quality result than others. Again, it’s best to speak to your supplier about how different fabrics will affect the quality of the result.

It’s not always easy to get branding right. That’s why Anchor Safety is here to offer advice on fabrics and the dimensions and positioning of your logo, and help you achieve any special requirements. We offer a state-of-the-art printing and embroidery facility in-house, which means we can provide high-quality, fast turnaround of your branded garments. Please call us on 0800 328 5028 if you’d like to know more.