Statistics don’t exaggerate: slips, trips and falls peak during the winter months. Walkways become wet and slippery as rain and leaves fall onto paths. As daylight dwindles the number of hazards increases.

Active housekeeping programs and raising awareness are two of the most common preparations that are undertaken to mitigate the risk of twisted ankles, concussions and broken bones. However, no amount of preparation of a winter safety plan and safety protocols will be effective without choosing safety footwear that is fit for purpose.

Our advice for preventing slips, trips and falls this winter -  create a safety plan but make sure you have the right footwear too. The two actions go hand in hand.


Get your workforce involved in creating your Winter Safety Plan

One of the most effective techniques for reducing slips, trips and falls is involving the workforce in creating your Winter Safety Plan. Get everyone to contribute to the plan’s development, from simple tasks such as identifying hazards and creating housekeeping plans to solving bigger problems.  


Getting involved helps workers take more of a vested interest. This embeds an attitude that everyone is responsible for winter safety, from the frontline workforce to the upper tiers of management.

As part of your winter safety plan, consider holding short safety talks on a single subject. For example, provide tips on how to walk on ice, or simply put up posters that give your workers helpful guidance that could prevent a fall.


The Importance of Selecting the Right Winter Footwear

No amount of preparation and safety protocols will be effective without choosing safety footwear that is fit for purpose. Does it offer proper grip for icy, wet conditions?

Selecting the right foot protection can protect your team against a range of seasonal risks and hazards. Footwear designed with anti-slip soles, waterproof upper sectors and insulation will keep your workers’ feet comfortable and firmly on the ground, even if they can’t see the surface they’re walking on!


A few of our recommended options include:

 Black Warm Lined Hi Leg Boot

Green Alpha Comfort Plus Polyurethane Wellington Boot


iSafe Non-Metallic Waterproof Boot



Panther InDry Waterproof Carbon Leather Hi-Leg Boot





Bata Walkline Derby Boot With Scuff Cap


For workers who needs extra slip protection,  go one step further by providing an ice traction device for their footwear: for example the Ergodyne Ice Traction Device

Ergodyne Ice Traction Device

Establishing a winter safety plan and investing in the right winter footwear can take a bit of time and effort, but if it can prevent slips, trips and falls, the time and any related costs will be well spent. Not only that, you’ll develop a proactive safety culture.

Expert advice on mitigating slips, trips and falls in the winter

Don't let the weather catch your workforce off-guard. Our team will meet with you to review your working conditions, job roles and, with this information, help identify the best winter footwear options and create winter outfits for your workers.


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