Sometimes, it’s in our interest to make what we do look easy. But the truth, in the interest of full disclosure, is that PPE is a very difficult business to be in. Many distributors in this crowded market simply can’t meet the standards customers expect. But we like to think we’re up to this difficult task and, according to the results of our latest survey, our customers agree.

Last year, a key part of our annual customer survey was the introduction of the Net Promoter Score metric, or NPS. This metric shows how many of our customers would actively promote us to friends and colleagues. When we first assessed this metric, we achieved a score of 26.39 – an average score for a B2B business like ours.

But that’s what makes Anchor Safety different. We simply couldn’t settle for average.

So, with the efforts of our customer service team, we focused our attention on 14 pillars of customer service, including things like:

  • Communication
  • Ease of ordering
  • Advice and knowledge
  • Order turnaround time

We knew that if we could improve each of these in its own right, the impact on our overall NPS result would be huge.

Delivering the #AnchorExperience

Our 14 pillars of customer service quickly became the foundation of what we call the ‘Anchor Experience’. For us, it’s about impeccable service, constant improvement, and a smoother ride than you’d get with your other PPE suppliers. It’s about forging close relationships with customers, truly understanding what they need and expect, then surpassing those expectations wherever possible.

With our 14-part framework, we could measure how the Anchor Experience was being delivered, and constantly look for new changes and opportunities to improve.

The results have been incredible. In our 2016 customer survey, we’re thrilled to say that every one of these areas received an ‘Improved’ result from 45% to 75% of respondents. In fact, only four areas received a ‘No Improvement’ response at all – from just a single respondent. It’s no surprise that, in turn, our NPS score rocketed to levels you would expect from huge successful brand names.

The results of our customer survey are now available as a free download. Get your copy now to find out our new NPS score and why 80.64% of respondents said our customer service team was either better or much better than other PPE suppliers. Download the Anchor Safety Customer Survey Report 2016