With many thousands of products available and more being developed every day, we know making decisions about PPE isn’t getting any easier. That’s why we’ve updated and added some design tweaks to the Anchor Safety PPE catalogue, to help you make the right choices when it comes to the minefield that is PPE.

Edition 6 of the Anchor Safety catalogue is crammed full of great products and information to help you get the best from PPE. You can view it online here.

So what’s new? Let's take a look inside...

Simple but effective design tweaks

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To start with, we’ve improved the design of each page to make the products easier to see and understand. We’ve enhanced our images by clearly labelling the features of each product to demonstrate how it can protect your employees. Other design tweaks include simple improvements like the use of pink background colour to help you identify women’s safety shoes from men’s, ensuring you get your order right, first time.

New ‘feature’ product pages

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We know it’s hard to identify the top products with so many options available. So, we’ve made sure you simply can’t miss the standout products that could make a real difference to your business in terms of safety, efficiency and cost. Items with the most impressive specifications or most advanced technologies are featured on their own pages throughout the catalogue.

Useful information

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Not all catalogues are known for being informative, but that’s where the new Anchor Safety catalogue is different. We offer helpful guides and information to help you make the best choices when choosing PPE for your workers. Just take a look at tools such as the light spectrum chart in the eyewear section, the chemical resistance table for hand protection, or specific guidance about ‘Walkline Inside’ technology in the footwear section to know exactly what we mean.

New symbols for easy reference

ladies safety footwear

We've added icons and symbols to make it easy to use the catalogue. For instance, you'll see icons that highlight specific product design features, clearly showing how a product can offer the right protection for its wearer. You'll also find a key at the bottom of the page which explains what each icon means.

Detailed legislative section

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You told us you’d like more information on legislation, so we’ve included a detailed overview of each standard, for every product category, in a clearly marked section at the back of the catalogue. This legislative section is easily referenced or browsed by product type, and offers a useful guide to help you discover more about how compliance affects your business.

It’s easier to identify which products meet specific legislative standards. We’ve used symbols to represent the different standards and displayed them beside relevant items, throughout the catalogue, so you can be sure your chosen product complies with the right legislation.

Do you have a PPE challenge you can't solve?

equip PPE management solution

Our catalogue showcases the best PPE products on the market, and helpful guides and information to make your decisions easier. But it can’t showcase the best of what Anchor Safety can offer you, and that is our exceptional service.

No matter how complex your requirements, we will work with you to make sure you make the right decisions. Our technical support experts are on hand every day to answer your questions about which products are fit for purpose. His specialist knowledge means he can support the sales team in helping you choose the right solutions for your business. Anchor Safety also provides:

  • Site assessments
  • Managed product trials
  • Hand protection programmes
  • equip PPE inventory management
  • Online usage reporting
  • Product technical support

Take a look at all the great products on offer in your new Anchor Safety catalogue. It's on its way to you - in today’s post. If you’re concerned that you may not receive a copy, click this link and we’ll make sure you’re on the priority list. We hope you enjoy browsing, and don’t forget to call us with any questions on 0800 328 5028.