There are thousands of PPE products. How do you know which ones are fit for purpose for your employees and your business? Get it right, and your operation reaps the benefits. But get it wrong, and the stakes are high.

If your employees require PPE, you have plenty to worry about. The health and safety of your people is your priority and it’s essential to make sure your PPE needs are met, all the time, without fail. Legally, you must ensure that your workwear is compliant with the latest standards - a tough job with thousands of products and a myriad of regulations and codes.

Different industries need workwear to suit different tasks and environments. Manufacturing a car is completely different from manufacturing a food product. Every industry needs specialised supplies to protect their employees and help them to produce products to the highest quality specifications - safely. There are so many challenges to getting this right, it’s almost impossible to discuss them all.

But we’re going to try.

The biggest PPE concerns

To start, we examined companies across the UK to find out their biggest PPE concerns. In this blog, we’ll do our best to provide answers, starting with the most common challenges. For example, how do you ensure supplies don’t run out, that they comply with regulatory specifications, that they're affordable without compromising quality, and that they're fit for purpose, no matter how specific or varied your needs are?

If these challenges aren't resolved, the ramifications to your organisation simply can’t be ignored. You wouldn’t put your employees’ health at risk by ordering PPE that doesn’t meet the precise needs of their job. And you can’t afford to wait on delayed PPE supplies. Work would grind to a halt, resulting in huge financial setbacks to your business.

There are hundreds more challenges businesses like yours face, from ensuring the suitability and fit of PPE for male and female employees, to educating employees in wearing and using PPE supplies properly and safely.

PPE Expertise

Anchor Safety has the knowledge and expertise to help with these and many more challenges. As associates of the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), our information aligns with the trade body’s guidance. And we’re experts in the multitude of PPE regulations with which PPE must comply.

This blog aims to provide you with the information you need to overcome all the challenges you face as a business that needs PPE. If you haven't already subcribed, sign up now for regular updates that answer your questions, offer helpful advice, and help you to stay abreast of emerging information, regulations and processes around PPE.

There’s a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.