Thunder Flies, Greenfly, Wasps… they all love Yellow hi-vis. This known nuisance impacts safety behaviours as the insects can become distracting. It’s not uncommon to see workers who stop the task in hand and start doing a series of strange disco style moves to beat away the offending insects.

The solution?

Try a different colour, but make sure it offers the required protection. Changing colours may have bigger implications than you think. Consider the visibility standards required for the worker when they are busy working.

Orange Hi-vis

Some people have said that orange hi-vis tend not to attract as many insects and whether or not it does varies on the environment, and the application of work.

Blue, Pink or Green Hi-vis

Blue. green or pink hi-vis doesn’t tend to attract insects, but will it offer the protection that you need?

Royal Blue Hi Vis WaistcoatPink Hi Vis WaistcoatDark Green Hi Vis Waistcoat


Review your risk assessment

Make sure to refer to your risk assessment that was completed when hi-vis was deemed necessary for your working conditions. Or safer still, conduct a risk assessment to identify the need for hi viz or hi-vis that meets the correct hi-visibility standards, under present conditions.

The requirements for High Visibility Clothing are covered by EN ISO 20471:2013. The standard specifies the requirements for high visibility clothing which is capable of visually signalling the user’s presence.  The new standard has broadened the usage base and a distinction between different types of risk situations has been made.

The defined risk situations will be the basis for which norm is applicable for the user. ISO EN 20471 is applicable to high-risk situations. On public highways you must wear garments with two bands and two braces of retroreflective material to standard, class 2 or 3. Conforming jackets with sleeves, in accordance with EN471, must be worn on dual carriageway roads with a speed limit of 50mph or above.


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Thanks to Essex Ham Radio for giving us permission to use the attached photo