When you think about eye protection, there is a good chance you immediately think about safety spectacles and PPE designed to keep dust, sparks and objects away from your employees’ eyes. However, the role of eye protection is considerably more extensive as you attempt to protect your wearers against a wide range of hazards.When working outdoors or under bright lights, glare represents a serious challenge for safety teams.

Sudden and unexpected, glare can significantly reduce visibility and lead to a wide range of injuries. From slips and trips to collisions into objects, glare can contribute to injuries of all shapes and sizes. As trusted partners, we’re committed to product innovation and finding the best protection for every hazard and every environment. Read on to see how we have tackled the challenge of glare with polarised eye protection providing a level of protection that standard safety glasses cannot offer.

The problem with sunglasses and glare

The problem with glare is that it often happens with no warning. Light that would usually be scattered in all directions reflects from a surface and bounces into a single location. If that’s the eyes of your employees, that means immediately impairing depth perception, distorting visibility and even causing temporary blindness.
Sunglasses dramatically reduce brightness, but are unable to block intense light as it is reflected back from a surface. They may lessen the intensity of glare, but will never eliminate it altogether.

For many organisations, work environments are littered with highly-reflective surfaces. It is everything from hi-visibility workwear to crane and forklift dashboards, industrial equipment, and metallic surfaces. The kind of glare that workers are exposed to is particularly bright and intense. As a result, only a specialised form of eye protection can help.

How polarised lenses work to reduce glare

The human eye is considerably more comfortable when processing light travelling in vertical waves. However, when bright light hits a flat surface, most of the waves that bounce back tend to be horizontal – this leads to uncomfortable glare and, potentially, avoidable injuries.

Polarised safety glasses are covered in invisible chemicals arranged into horizontal lines. These chemicals block incoming horizontal light while allowing softer vertical light through. As a result, glare is eliminated and wearers can continue to work safely and comfortably. For glare, polarised lenses are a highly-effective solution. However, as we began to explore polarised spectacles, we knew that improving safety would take more than simply eliminating this immediate problem.

It takes more than lenses to improve safety

Our role is to help our customers empower safe behaviour. This is a process that involves everything from finding the right protection to encouraging wearer adoption, managing change, and monitoring usage. For our polarised glasses, we worked to find the most comfortable, stylish spectacles available – protection that people would want to wear.

With the X2 Eyewear Polarised Lens Spectacle, our customers can eliminate glare while giving people well-fitting, contoured protection that is comfortable enough for long shifts. Meanwhile, given that most glare risks are encountered outside, we included robust anti-scratch lenses that could cope with harsh environments.
It’s more than polarised lenses. It’s a form of eye protection that can withstand every challenge – and have a real impact on safety.

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