We hosted a unique event – Marine Day – on the 25th February. The day gave major UK ports operators the opportunity to speak directly to manufacturers to discuss their unique challenges regarding PPE in port environments, and to quickly identify solutions. 

Marine Day was the first event of its kind. It fostered the discovery of innovative solutions to keep workers safe while working and wearing PPE in ports. The event brought UK port operators face to face with PPE suppliers and manufacturers to share their challenges. Operators were able to focus on finding the correct personal protective equipment for their employees who work in a multitude of roles.

The day was unlike other industry trade shows which inundate delegates with information. Instead, Marine Day provided operators with dedicated time to bring their teams together, from diverse locations, to explore solutions for their specific problems. Delegates included health and safety directors and procurement directors from a number of UK ports including Associated British Ports and the Port of Felixstowe. Leading manufacturers such as Alpha Solway, Aboutblu, Bata, Capital Safety, Centurion, F. Engel and Fentex, were also present.

The event reflected Anchor Safety's business values that promote genuinely helpful customer service while delivering innovative new solutions. Patrick Tydeman, Sales Director, Anchor Safety, said: "The day was a huge success. Our customers can see we're not in this business simply to shift products. What drives us is the knowledge that we're helping to find solutions to their problems in a way that saves them time and effort, while ensuring end users are happy with the gear that they must wear. This alone always presents huge challenges."

Leading port operator ABP - a company that supports 84,000 jobs - was among the customers able to talk directly to product specialists and examine products that were brought in specifically to help its operations.

David Blanchard, Director, Fentex, said: "It was great to meet the influential people at ABP and demonstrate products that have been a long time in development and what they're capable of. That's precious time." Marine Day gave customers an opportunity to see how Anchor Safety forms strong relationships with suppliers, resulting in a trusted, reliable supply chain and top-quality products. Richard Beardsley, Product Specialist, PPE, Alpha Solway, said: "I thought the day was a great - enabling key vendors to discuss and solve customers' issues." Suppliers were also delighted to have the opportunity to interact with customers and demonstrate new products. Mark McBrayne, Area Sales Manager UK, Workwear, F. Engel, said: "It was very helpful to meet safety officers from ports and get feeback on their needs. We were also able to show the new 20471 high visbility clothing, which caused some interest, so overall, it was a very productive day."

The success of the event has also provided a platform for running more industry-specific PPE days. Interested in attending a future event? Please contact Anchor Safety for further information.