In our last blog we discussed the impact of Staff feeling comfortable whilst maintaining a smart stylish corporate image, through the provision of high quality, durable and comfortable garments within the Engel Range.

Choosing PPE and workwear is a complicated task with options ranging from basic to high-quality technical garments. Are the higher cost items worth the investment?

Lower quality and cheaper garments can seem like an easy alternative and one that is great for cashflow. But the savings are usually swiftly negated when you must frequently replace them, as they are more easily damaged and wear out quickly - or when employees reject them due to discomfort or poor fit.  Now we are finding that more employers are also considering whether to buy PPE and safety workwear outright for their staff, or to rent it.

How do you know what is the best option for your organisation? Here are 3 points to consider when making the decision of whether to purchase premium quality garments.

Return on Investment

Investing in premium quality PPE garments can pay dividends not only in terms of the return on investment, but also in the well-being and engagement of your workforce.

Staff wearing branded work garments that maintain their qualities for longer are more likely to feel engaged, happy and proud of their job. The confidence and team spirit that comes with looking smart and professional can lead to greater productivity, loyalty and the heightened perception of your brand to customers.

High-quality technical workwear can also adapt to differing seasonal weather patterns therefore be worn throughout the year. This is ideal when considering your summer corporate wear. With layering of clothing being a sound tactic in the changeable British summers, you’ll know that your workforce will be conveying a strong company image when they shed layers in the heat or layer up in the wind and rain.

Getting the Most Value Out of Your Workwear

Higher-quality garments will be made from materials that clean and launder well. This means that you won’t have to deal with fading clothes that lose their shape, qualities and colours. That way, they’ll last a lot longer.

The nature of your work may have some bearing on the maintenance of your PPE garments - some items will need cleaning more frequently than others. Assess your staff’s needs and decide on a laundering package that will work for your company, in terms of rotation of garments, frequency of washing and price.

You may also want to consider whether the wearer will take responsibility for laundering the workwear, or the company. Personal washing may be convenient but could mean your staff are taking dangerous substances like chemicals, dust or oils into their home, and may also cause PPE garments to gradually lose their protective qualities.

Organising the laundering of your workwear yourself will mean you can take control of any harmful issues as well as allowing proper oversight and maintenance of its upkeep. There are pitfalls and benefits to either side - a lot will depend on your workplace environment and the types of garments worn, but the onus is on the employer to look after the safety of their staff, as well as the standards of their protective clothing.

Rent or buy?

What is the difference between purchasing garments, or renting? The main issues are down to ownership and quality.

Why rent? On the surface, it may seem astute to pay a small monthly fee to outsource the ownership and responsibility for the upkeep of your corporate workwear. But beware of pitfalls. Costs can spiral according to how much workwear you need, and you can never be sure of the garment’s life cycle. Similarly, there can be a lack of transparency with renting contracts and garments’ residual value - you could continue to pay even after clothing has been disposed of.

Purchasing your own garments means you can get exactly the clothing you need at exactly the right time. You’ll also be sure it’ll be of a certain quality and will convey your corporate identity in the positive way you need.

Owning your own PPE clothing also gives you complete control over the laundering process (which is a legal requirement for technical workwear) as well as the garments’ care and attention - which you don’t get with renting. There have been a number of recent cases involving companies that haven’t had effective or safe laundering processes, including a chemical company that was fined £224,000 in 2018.

Remember, investing in your own corporate safety workwear means superior appearance, comfort and durability, as well as happier staff. Purchasing the right gear for your workplace, your workforce and your values will result in greater control and longer-term savings.

For your convenience...

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