It’s great to get back to normality – but many things have changed, including your Respiratory protection needs.

You’ve done your utmost in the most difficult of situations. Sourcing and supplying RPE and hoping that staff can adapt fast and feel confident in their safety has never been tougher than over the past year. Perhaps you’ve experienced shortages or export bans; hiccups in supply may have even forced shutdowns within your organisation.

Now you have a breathing space. It’s time to stop fire-fighting, to take stock and regroup. Consider the current situation and the changes forced upon it. Is your RPE really up to the task, can you rely on its consistent supply and do your staff fully understand the best practice around using and disposing of it? Most importantly, do they feel safe?

Changing needs in the workplace.

respiratory-protection-for=workers-with-beardsIt’s not only that Dave and Adrian on the frontline have grown beards while furloughed and now cannot get a good seal on a standard disposable mask. Many of your workers may have begun performing different tasks due to staff reorganisation. With the shortages in PPE experienced, they may well be using alternative masks to those in use pre-pandemic. And in many organisations safety exposures may have changed dramatically with recent amendments made to their core activities.

Discussing your needs with a technical specialist at Anchor will enable you to take a close look at your changed situation and to address the issues which are arising in this new world with a full, risk based review. Anchor Safety specialists can ensure that your face fit testing is compliant, aligned with any change in equipment being used or tasks performed and that your decontamination procedures are up to date. And you don’t need to persuade Dave and Adrian to shave off those bristling beauties – Anchor can advise on powered respiratory solutions to ensure they are as safe as the less hirsute!

A reliable supply chain.

Respiratory protection was the most impacted category of PPE during the pandemic. Its limited and variable supply prevented many organisations from continuing activities; preventing such breaks in operation is foremost in the worries of anyone responsible for revising a post Covid PPE programme.

Anchor Safety can offer you unbiased advice on mitigating the risks within your supply chain. With adjustments to your product combinations and inventory management you can minimise the risks of any future product fluctuations. Additionally Anchor can offer use of their bespoke portal to support your RPE programme and make running and monitoring it simple and effective.

Education and best practice

We are all well aware that RPE cannot offer full safety unless it is used properly. Staff returning from furlough have not had to run through safety procedures for a long time. Indeed, the correct protocols for fitting, use and procedures for decontamination or recycling may have even changed in that time.

Anchor Safety does not exist to simply sell you masks. The specialists at Anchor’s Technical Team will work with your organisation: in creating a framework to educate staff in equipment use, on continually promoting best practice and with your maintenance resource to ensure your RPE programme remains safe and effective.

Getting your RPE programme working optimally for your organisation now will set you on the best footing to move forward into a new and somewhat different future. This doesn’t have to be as complex or worrying a challenge as you might imagine; with Anchor Safety’s expert advisors ready to help you address every issue you might have, a fully integrated and reliable solution will really futureproof your RPE provision.

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