See products first-hand with PPE Product Samples

Sometimes you need to get your hands on a product to assess its suitability. We appreciate that it can be useful to go beyond a photo in our catalogue. That’s why we’re happy to send a free sample of a variety of our products, so you can touch and feel the quality for yourself.

How to get a PPE product sample

Requesting a sample is quick and easy - just browse our products online. If a sample is available for a specific product, you’ll see the ‘Request Sample’ button next to the ‘Buy Now’ button. Just click it and we’ll contact you to arrange one or two product samples. If you are not already logged into your account, the system will prompt you to do so. Once you are logged in, there are no forms to fill in. We do all the work.

Don’t have an account? It’s simple to Create one. Just click the button at the bottom of this page and follow a few simple steps.

What’s included with an Anchor PPE product sample

When you request a PPE product sample, we’ll send you a convenient sample pack. The number of items in the pack may vary depending on the product itself. For example, one pair could be enough for a mechanic's glove, while you may require a few pairs of disposable gloves to put your hands into.

Put our PPE to the test with a wearer trial

To help you make informed decisions and find the best possible PPE for your workforce, we also run managed wearer trials. If you’re planning a high-volume order, it’s a structured, carefully constructed approach that secures wearer feedback, tests performance, and gives you absolute confidence that your chosen PPE is fit-for-purpose and enables safe behaviour.  Find out more about PPE Product Trials.

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