PPE product trials for insight and engagement that results in safe behaviour

Selecting new PPE isn’t just about the level of protection and compliance it offers. Hard-to-measure issues like comfort, ease of donning and doffing, and general dexterity have a direct impact on wearer acceptance and, in turn, whether you’re truly enabling safe behaviour with your PPE choices.

When you’re planning a large order or ongoing PPE supply, you’ll need help to find the right PPE - and complete peace of mind that it’s fit-for-purpose. With an Anchor Safety Managed PPE Product Trial, we’ll guide you through the process of shortlisting PPE, putting it to the test, and making sense of wearer feedback.

It’s a way to see how PPE affects safe behaviour in your unique environment and how well the right product can help overcome your key hazards and challenges.

A structured PPE product trial for driving wearer acceptance

A step-by-step PPE trial doesn’t just helps you put a product through its paces and make informed decisions about procurement. By engaging your workforce and bringing them into the PPE trial process, there’s also a tangible impact on several areas of your business, including:

  • Enthusiastic, motivated and productive staff

  • Improved risk awareness

  • Fewer incidents, injuries, and absences

  • Lower procurement costs

  • Lower insurance premiums

How a PPE product trial works

PPE is often just one part of a wider behavioural safety programme and, by making your wearers a valued part of PPE changes, you can unlock a wide range of benefits. As well as a reduction in injury levels, an engaged workforce equips you with the insight and information you need to get the right PPE and inform your wider behavioural safety programme.

A managed PPE product trial includes 4 key stages:

Site Survey

We’ll get to know your workplace and its hazards, then help you navigate our huge range of PPE to find the right PPE solutions.

Participant selection

We’ll work with you to identify wearers to participate in the trial. We will help them to understand the role they play, the benefits of taking part, and the insight we will be gathering from them during the trial.

Day-to-Day Usage

We’ll provide you with the product free of charge so that it can be tried practically in your environment.

Feedback Analysis

We’ll collect detailed feedback from your participants on issues from protection levels to comfort, then provide you with these results so they can inform your PPE decision-making and help secure internal buy-in.

Is a managed PPE trial right for you?

If you’re only looking for a few products, a comprehensive trial may not be the best choice for your organisation. Instead, consider a sample that allows you to see one or two products in-person. Find out more about product samples.

However, if you’re considering a larger order, the insight of an experienced PPE supplier and the availability of accurate wearer feedback can give you peace of mind before your commit to a certain product.

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