See How Anchor Safety’s Customer Care Measures Up

At Anchor Safety, there’s nothing more important than outstanding customer care. That’s why we regularly ask our customers to tell us what they really think.

Download the results of our 2016 survey to see why customers love what we do – and why, from fulfilling orders faster to excellent communication, the ‘Anchor Experience’ is getting better year-on-year.

How Anchor Safety compares to other PPE suppliers

We’re always striving to improve service internally and give customers an ever-improving experience. But, with most customers using more than one supplier, how do we compare?

This year, an incredible 80.64% of respondents said our customer service team was either better or much better than other PPE suppliers. It’s proof that our focus on customer care counts.

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Download our 2016 Survey Results

See how we improved every aspect of our service, delivery and customer care.

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