We create an environment where people can learn and develop their skills. We're proud of our employees, and love seeing our investments in their personal development rewarded with confidence growth, determination and high workplace morale. People are the heart of our business, and it's vital we continue to support and inspire them.

Anchor Safety uses an ongoing coaching programme which drives business growth and presents new challenges to our employees that develop their skills. We encourage individuals to grow and progress within the business, take on new tasks and contribute new ideas. We believe that with the support of a team, every individual can shine, and the more we invest in our people, the more loyalty, passion and dedication we gain in return.

Training services

Anchor Safety knows that customers rely on proper training to follow health and safety procedures correctly. We aim to ensure our customers can access high-quality training opportunities via our own training resources as well as the specialist training, consultancy services and support materials provided by our manufacturers.

Anchor Safety offers many courses, which include:

  • Fire Marshal
  • Use of fire extinguishers
  • Product-specific toolbox talks
  • Foundation certificate in Health & Safety
  • Supervising Health & Safety
  • Advanced Health & Safety
  • Monitor procedures to Health & Safety
  • Risk assessment
  • Accident investigation
  • Manual handling
  • First aid at work
  • Basic first aid for the appointed person
  • Height safety
  • Face fit testing